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About the WSQA

Friday, 24 April 2009 23:09

The Website Quality Association (WSQA) is an international trade association representing corporate, commercial, informational, and social website communities throughout the World Wide Web.

WSQA revolutionizes the industry by functioning as a gauge for performance, substance, and overall quality, of websites and web developers, in every industry.

Along with the customized evaluation services, the WSQA strives to be a source for information and education in all areas of website design, development and maintenance. The Website Quality Association provides a benchmark for functionality, progress and online success.

Our goal is to create a standard which consumers and businesses can rely on to help maintain the quality and effectiveness of websites throughout every genre. WSQA aims to educate website consumers and developers about technologically advanced website development and performance, to raise the standards of all websites.

There are sites available that test factors on websites and can be useful for some quality issues. There are also masses of web design advice and information, scattered throughout the Web. Now, with the establishment of the WSQA, all of the resources needed by consumers, developers and businesses using the web, can all be found in one place.

With an extensive library of information, quality control resources, and testing for developers to maintain standards, the WSQA now provides the comprehensive quality assurance entity that the web industry has so desperately needed. Finally, the World Wide Web has one go-to place for web design, graphic design, SEO and website quality awareness.

Become a member today to begin enjoying the boost in knowledge, credibility and quality that the WSQA offers!


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